The Mistake I Made AFTER Opening NextHome Summit Group!

As I sat in broker training for the new NextHome franchise I launched October 1, I realized I made a huge mistake! 

One of the owners was fielding questions as to their exit strategy. Would they go public IMG_0424or sell the company as many other brokerages had done? Instead of answering the question directly, he went into a story about himself, his childhood, and ultimately his passion. Making an impact. The owners of NextHome had come to the realization as I had many years ago that the real estate industry was broken. It was inconsistent. Agents were incompetent or untrained. Agents didn’t have the experience and support they needed to broker tough situations. He, and the other four owners, decided to disrupt the real estate franchise model and only offer their solution with over 10 years in the making to select, worthy owners who had the same mission. And no… money was not the end goal. 

The mistake I made? Not putting in the work to build my business years ago so I could be in a better position to take advantage of this amazing franchise model earlier! However, as they say, it’s never too late. So, after listening to the struggles of one owner, and seeing how the owners came together to deal with another owner’s personal issue that day, I realized what I was missing the past years. I was trying to change the industry alone. My motto.. “one client at a time.” and I was working hard at growing my relationships and business, but I was doing it all by myself.
From an early age, I was independent. I would figure it out on my own. Maybe it was that solutions came to me. I could sit back and look at a problem for a bit, and the solution just landed in my lap. Maybe it was how my brain was wired. The ability to look at many different variables and determine how they could interact to form a solution.  I’m not sure why I didn’t see the ability in myself to lead others to those same solutions, so instead I handled every little detail in my business.. even down to filing my own taxes. No more. IMG_0397I’m growing my team and local family to better serve the community. 

The family atmosphere that NextHome emulates offers a much needed infusion into the real estate industry. The public needs agents who care about them, and not just their pocketbook. #HumansOverHouses.  Agents who take the time to listen and find that investment that makes sense for the client are rare.  Couple that with amazing technology, vast international market reach, top brand recognition, and unparalleled free training and support every agent needs, and you have a combination that can’t be beat. 

So, join the company that is bringing all of the smart, independent,  driven, and unsatisfied agents together to form a community and family that cares about each other and their clients. NextHome Summit Group ultimately delivers on the trust, honesty, and integrity that every customer is looking for right now. 

It’s All About Mindset

My daughter is 11 now, and I was in such a different place at that age. Something my sister said when I was 11 has stuck with me.

My mindset has always been, “I’m going to succeed at whatever I choose.”  I’m not sure where it came from, other than witnessing my family and extended families struggle to put food on the table but more importantly struggle to stay connected to each other. It was all so disheartening to me to why my friends lives looked so different. Decisions led to bad habits, jail, depression, isolation…my family was struggling with how to even live. It was disheartening. Even I could understand that and I wanted something more. I guess since I would see my friends who had the “nice” homes and nice clothes and were always happy; I decided that you need money to live a different life than what I was expected to live. 

My sister changed my expected life path without even knowing. My sister had made some bad decisions in her teens. In a way to get her to realize what was happening, a counselor asked at a family visit “What kind of role model are you showing your sister?”  I just sat there in silence taking it all in. My sister said, “She’ll be where I am in a few years.”  

That day I was 11. I remember sitting there the rest of the hour looking around and making my own decision. I was never going to allow myself to make the same mistakes. 

One of my first writings was a letter to my sister after we left that day trying to motivate her to do better. She is 5 years older than me and I think she thought the letter was a joke at the time. It wasn’t, and although she hasn’t told me, I have hope that it helped her straighten up a bit.

I’ve always had the mindset that hard work and smart decisions can take you anywhere. Even when detasseling corn at age 14, or dressing up like Wendy for the July 4th Cedar Falls, IA parade at age 16. (I was the only one who would fit into the costume) And as socially awkward as I was, I actually enjoyed it. It taught me that doing something outside of your comfort zone can be rewarding. Although it took me awhile after that to fully realize it.

My mindset continued to grow into what it is today and carry me through a serious blood infection to today and planting both feet in the present, in my business, in my quest to make an impact in the lives of others, and most important my family. There really is nothing else as important. No drug, no car, no house, nothing. 

I’ve made efforts to reconnect with my sister, who herself grew into an amazing women (it just took her a little longer to see exactly how amazing she is and deserving of a good life.) I’m so proud of her for never giving up and raising three wonderful kids that have finished school and college and are now young adults building lives for themselves!

My path easily could have been very different. There were drugs, there was alcohol, and many bad decisions and people all around me, but at every step I remembered those words from my sister and I kept elevating myself out of it. I was worried what friends thought, so I would pretend to play along. When I was 20, I started disliking some of my friends for being lazy, drinking and smoking pot all day, for eating fast food, gambling, smoking cigarettes, playing video games in their basement…so I told them so and stopped hanging out with them. 

Six years later, I visited one of those friends who had moved out of state like I did, and he told me he could never get over those words I said. They stung. He started college soon after, and is now living his life with intention and purpose. 

I’m so grateful for learning those hard lessons as a kid because they are part of who I am today. However, the past doesn’t hold me hostage. It’s time to let all that stuff go and leave it back in the 80s where it belongs. Goodbye hard lessons, I don’t need you any more but I will always be grateful for what you have given me. 

Your personal success is all about mindset. Your ability to cut through the crap, believe in what you believe but not place those beliefs on others, open your heart and your mind to everyone and every possibility, and finally never give up your quest for abundance. It will happen.

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